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Ntinou Pavlou

Ntinos Pavlou was born in Dora in 1946. His parents were Pavlos and Parthenopi Konstantinou and he was the second child of the family. He studied at the elementary school of his village, at the Hellenic Gymnasium of Limassol and at the Agricultural School in Morphou. He wanted to return to his village and work as a vine-dresser.

His dream came true as soon as he finished the Agricultural School. In the meanwhile he married Eleni who later on gave birth to their three sons: Pavlos (1969), Panikos (1972) and Andreas (1974) who after the death of his father was called Ntinos.

His love for the land was obvious from the constant and consistent occupation with it. He was a supporter of global ideals such as democracy, peace and justice and he was interested in the political scene of his country. He was an opponent of the illegal activities of EOKA B’ and being a lover of democracy and justice he joined the Reserve Forces as a special policeman, in order to defend democracy and help his country. Ntinos Pavlou served at the Police Department of Mallia in Limassol.

The day of the military coup he was in the Police Department of Mallia with his colleague Zacharias. The members of EOKA B’ were standing armed out of the Department and called the two policemen to turn themselves in. Ntinos refused to do it and he tried unsuccessfully to escape.

In the meanwhile, the Bishop of Paphos Crysostomos,called him at the Police Department asked him to stay in and he also told him that the back up was on the way, something that never really happened. During the blockade in the Department, there was a fight with gun shots. After some hours and when the two policemen realized that they couldn’t handle the situation because of the great number of their opponents, they decided to turn themselves in. The arbitrary forces kept Sergeant Theodoti for questioning and they sent Ntinos and Zacharias in the coffee shop of the village. After a while they were transferred back in the Police Department and a member of the arbitrary forces hit Ntinos with the gun and then he shot him to death. The father of the dead was informed about his son’s death by phone while he was in his house in Dora. Until now, there was no arrest or questionings for the inequitable death of Ntinos Pavlou. The perpetrator of this heinous crime has not paid for his actions and probably he will never will.

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