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Church of Panagia Photolambousa

Some ruins of an older church of Virgin Mary existed at the position of the current church. At the top of the mountain Kordyla, it existed in the old years a village that was destroyed by the Turks and the "Sarakinous". Those people who survived moved at a lower level of the Kordyla mountain and created the current village.

Among the ruins of the church, an icon of Virgin Mary was found that is very old and miraculous for the eyes. It is said that the Apostle Loucas painted this icon.

Because the position of the new settlement for those who survived the destruction was half a mile away from the ruins of the old church, the residents of the new village decided to build the new church of Virgin Mary in the new village. They started carrying the stones of the old church in the new village, but a "marvel" was taking the stones back to their old position every night. This happened two-three times. Some people said that during the night they saw a light beginning from a region that is called today " Agiasmata of Virgin Mary", passing above the ruins of the old church going up to the top of the mountain. There it is found a stone that is known up to today as "The Chair of Virgin Mary".

After all these, the residents of the village understood that the errand of Virgin Mary was to build the church at its old position and finally the church was built at that position. The church Virgin Mary of Dora is famous for its marvels and festivals take place three times per year. The festivals take place on the 25 th of March, on the 15 th of August and on the 8 th of September.

The picture of Virgin Mary is miraculous for stopping the "lack of rain" periods and for diseases of the human eyes. Rubert Gunnis says that is an icon created at the beginnings of the 17th century but the residents of Dora claim that the icon is as old as that of Virgin Mary of Kykkos. The picture is always covered and it is believed that if somebody takes the cover away, something bad will happen to him.

Some years ago a resident of Dora together with a Turk from another village, entered the church in order to rob it. The resident of Dora after some time began to lose his vision and he finally became a blind person.

The church Virgin Mary of Dora is famous for its marvels and festivals take place three times per year as mentioned above.

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