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Several toponyms still remain in Dora, and these toponyms are the rural names given to several locations, not only in Dora. Toponyms that are inextricably related to the history of the village, local geological changes, flora and fauna and many traditions.

There is running water in the area, ending in a creek used by the shepherds of the area for their animals to drink water. It was named Agiasma (Holywater) because it is located near the church of Virgin Mary. It is worth mentioning that almost four hundred locations in Cyprus carry the same name.

Vryssi (Water Fountain)
It is located at the entrance of the village. It was built in 1919 and was the main source of water-supply for the village.

This is the name used for fertile land, located south of the village.

It is an area within the village. It is the second square of the village, where huge “tremyhtes” (a kind of plant) used to grow. There was also a small sanctuary dedicated to Saint Savvas.

Kampi (Plains)
An area located on the east side of the village. It is a small lowland location amongst hilly areas.

Vota or Kamarin
It is a fountain located a kilometer away from the village. It used to be the main source of water-supply for the village. It is surrounded by vegetation and it was used by people and their animals. The water spring forms an arch. The word “vota” used in the Cypriot dialect means “arch”, “dome”.

A rural location characterized by its white soil. This is how it got its name “asproi”; “aspro”=white.

It is an area within the village; a neighborhood on a hill. It must have been named “plaka” because of its “flat” subsoil.

An area, neighborhood at the edge of the village. One side of the area ends up on the peak of a hill (“moutti”), while the other on a lower point.

“Teratsia” is the name of the turn right before the village. The turn got its name from the locust tree (teratsia) located there.

Moutti tou Tavrou
It is a big turn between Dora and Mallia. It stands at a great altitude and offers a panoramic view. It is an ideal place for those who love parachuting and many practice this sport there. 

It is the area pf the central square of the village. It is the centre of the village.

An area within the village. There were obviously many more fields paved with stones (‘aloni’) in the area, where the inhabitants of the villages used to store their wheat.

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